Friday, February 26, 2010

Fiber Arts Friday-Felting and Spinning

This week was a bit of a hodge podge of activities. I felted a batt of alpaca to see how that would hold up. I experimented with different fibers by needle felting onto the batt. I also felted a few flowers, knitted some more and played around with beading them. I finished spinning the skein for MOPACA show and sent it off. I am excited for the feed back from the judges.
And I spun Tula my bay black alpaca's fiber and added a bit of gold bling to it. I spun the skein on my Lendrum. The fiber was from some roving I had sent out last year. I used a short backwards draw to create a woolen fiber. Ratio: 7:1. It is rather chunky, but I like it.

Off to finish washing dirty fiber! And I am still planning to dye in avocados, but I have not met the goal of 300 g of dried skins. I am getting sick of guacamole!

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  1. Your felting is gorgeous! I LOVE the different flowers. The spool of yarn is gorgeous too. I missed my deadline for MOPACA but will be submitting some of mine to Nationals. Good luck!

    Have you thought of hosting a guacamole party? How about contacting a restaurant that serves it...maybe the kitchen could collect the skins for you.

    Thank you for posting on Fiber Arts Friday. FYI: This link didn't appears which is why you didn't get a bunch of comments. I had to refresh your page for it to appear.