Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A New Goat

Two days ago we brought home our new goat. Her name is Christina Moon and she is a registered Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat. I am planning to milk her a little bit. I am working on my cheese making skills and cannot wait to try my hand at goat cheese.

Christina Moon is a sweet little goat. She is shy and has not bleated too much since her arrival. I was worried because the first 24 hours she did not eat anything. I was worried, but today she is doing much better. I actually put her with Anna Nana,

but AN was so obnoxious and head butted her right in the side. AN kept her head bent low ready to attack. She stood in the center of the stall and waited for CM to move and then AN would jump forward and smash into CM full throttle. What a naughtikins! Typical. I think Anna Nana has an identity crisis. She does not think of herself as a goat. What she thinks she is I have no clue. She follows me everywhere, head butts the cats and enjoys chasing the alpacas..if I let her. The minis are the only animals she doesn't mess with. And then that is Juliette's realm. If AN comes near the horses Juliette grunts, snorts and pushes her away.
They are really hilarious. I am hoping the three of them will sort it out in the next few days.

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  1. cute! Is CM pregnant? Baby goats are pretty much the cutest thing that ever lived! I would love to get some goats, but I don't think I could convince Noah.