Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Who Knew Playing With Goats Was Dangerous?

A few days ago I was running up and down the hill in the goat pen and I injured my ankle. What was I doing? I was playing with the goats. I run up the hill and they follow. I run down the hill and they follow. They usually run in front of me to knock me down I suppose. My buck is getting big and he likes to run sideways down the hill. It is pretty funny actually. He usually tries to be in front and often crosses my path as we careen downward. Three of my goats have horns so I am careful about how fast we are going. Horns can be dangerous!

I must have hit a small hole in the ground and my ankle just twisted a bit. Not too badly but enough to make me howl. The seven of them were a bit shocked and stood there looking at me. They weren't too sympathetic and wandered off after a minute. So much for playtime.

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