Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WIP-Knitting A Kerchief Shawl

I am actually knitting. I know...I can hardly believe it myself. I think my daughter inspired me. She has been knitting as source of relaxation from her studies at the university. She is turning out to be pretty good too. In 4 weeks she is far beyond cables and is looking to knit a bag with the fair isle technique.
Meanwhile on the farm, I knitted this wonderful pattern by Cabin Fever #083 Fern Kerchief in wool.

I decided to not to mess up my hand spun alpaca. I didn't make one mistake in the pattern and was so happy that I right away knitted this kerchief

in my very own hand spun. The roving I spun was some from my own alpacas. I had it processed last year in a 50/50 blend of alpaca/merino. I sporadically spun in some beads. I will add more of the beads to the lace edge when I get there.


  1. I find such a sense of accomplishment when I use my handspun to knit. Hooray for you!

  2. How wonderful! They look great and very cozy too!