Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Goat Thinks She Is A Miniature Horse

Juliette just cannot be persuaded. She refuses to stay in the goat pen. Even if I manage to corral her in the pen she refuses to pal around with the other goats. She will sulk about the pen and whine.
The minute I open the gate to feed she is out like lightening. Her fat little body races down the paddock toward the horses. She slips under the fence and heads straight toward Willy and Sienna. She hangs right with the minis in their paddock. If I am in the barn working she will try to sneak into the grain room and knock off the lid of the grain bin and help herself.

Otherwise she is pretty good about staying with the horses. Sometimes she will climb the stairs of the house and hang on the front porch, usually this is around 4 pm. She paces back and forth and cries for me to come out to feed everyone.

She has a funny habit of protecting Willy's food from Sienna. I put the grain out in their feeder in the morning with some hay and Juliette will keep Sienna from getting to the feeder by grunting at her and sticking out her tongue It works! Sienna runs around to the other side of the feeder.

What surprises me is that the minis put up with her and never kick out at her or hurt her. They share food and space with her. They don't seem to mind if she stays near them. Maybe she is mini after all.