Friday, September 28, 2012

Journal May 2012

May was a crazy month for me and I decided to journal each day to document what exactly happens around the barn. So here is my journal entries for the first two days of May. May 1, 2012 Today it finally stopped raining and I was allowed a bit of time to clean up the paddocks. I managed to get through the boys, girls and horses before I was too tired and decided that was enough. I also had a horse lesson this morning with Taima and that probably was a big contribution to my fatigue tonight. I was able to move the goat stanchion into the barn and take big boy goat on a halter and led him to the stanchion. He was less than thrilled. I bribed him with grain to climb up on the thing and stick his head through the contraption so he could get his nails trimmed which he did and was actually pretty good about it!
May 2, 2012 Today it was hazy and misty. My least favorite mornings to wake up too. Got out early to the barn and fed. Wasn’t able to do much in the barn due to weather and the fact that I need to prepare for the EMS Job Fair tomorrow. Still cannot decide which two girls to take. It finally cleared up and the sun came out. I moved the goats outside to their brush area. I cleaned up paddocks and worked around the yard. When I went to put the brown goats away in their stall I noted that one of the cattle panels was gone from the edge of the fencing. I walked up to the fence and girl goat had the panel stuck around her neck. Clearly she had freaked out and moved the panel clear across the enclosure. She was really scared. I tried to get her neck out of the fence but every way we moved her face her horns were stuck. Luckily I had my phone in my pocket and I called Sam. Asked him to come down to the barn and bring the wire clippers. When he arrived he thought he could untangle her but she only choked and then flipped out even more. How on earth she got her head stuck is really a wonder! I held her head and Sam clipped the steel which allowed her more room to unstick her head. Free at last but in the process a sharp edge of the cattle panel scraped her knee. So now she was bleeding. I led the goats out and thru the horse paddock to their stall where I cleaned her superficial wound and put some iodine on it. Finished feeding and put the cats in. Done. Finished. Tired. No photo of this fiasco! But here she is safe and sound.