Friday, October 21, 2011

Fiber Arts Friday-Fiber Expo in Ann Arbor

This week found me scrambling to get all my inventory marked and ready to go to the Ann Arbor Fiber Fest. I also did a makeover on my booth. By now one would think I have the hang of hauling all my inventory and props to a show and setting up. Lots of vendors bring small trucks full of their props and inventory. I have seen creative ways to display skeins of yarn by hanging them from oversized drying racks to stacked neatly in large baskets. When you are one vendor in 100 standing out is difficult. It takes a few expos to figure out what you need and what is the best way to display your items so that your booth stands out.

I decided this year to keep my props simple. I mean simple in the fact that I can lift them by myself. My theme has always been vintage but I added a few pieces to pull it all together. I did purchase an antique wood ironing board for $10--great purchase!! Sorry I cannot show pictures yet. I have all my things packed, stacked and waiting in the garage for loading. But here is a really cute alpaca instead:

If you are planning on attending the Fest stop by and visit us. Darlene is coming with me to help out. I am looking forward to a weekend of fiber immersion!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fiber Arts Friday-Sumac, Goldenrod, Marigolds..Oh My!!

Natural dyeing is such a wonderful experience. Every step is enjoyable from gathering of the materials to the finished product. I have become quite adapt at identifying plants that can be used for dyes and even have had a few surprises in my quest for dyeable materials. For example, the Cornus Kousa Dogwood has beautiful pink berries. I wondered if these would be a good source for dye. I was surprised to learn that these brilliant fruits are edible!

The berry that is used in dyeing is found on the Red Osier dogwood.
I have not yet tried to dye with the Red Osier berries. However I did do plenty of dyeing the other weekend with a friend, Darlene. We choose sumac blooms, goldenrod, marigolds and indigo to dye our fiber. Darlene had spun up quite a few skeins of polypay and a few alpaca. I played around with locks. Here are our results:

That about rounds up my fiber week. Why don't your pop on over to Andrea's blog for more adventures in fiber!