Friday, July 29, 2011

Fiber Arts Friday-Weekly Roundup

I started off the week with good intentions...but I didn't progress on my spinning at all! I spent most of the week pulling my hair out trying to capture, humanely, a raccoon that keeps breaking into my chicken coop. It does help to have a properly working trap! Figured that one out the hard way. I also battled an eroding hill and found a Bantam chicken that had been missing. She is currently hatching 10 eggs. I will post photos next week. So here is what I did not get done.
Purple locks spun with crystal beads

Punjabi sunset, yet to be carded. Components are all assembled but no sari silk. I guess I could've added Shalwar Khamise silk!

Juxtaposed.This one is going to be interesting. Pink alpaca for the beginning then black and will be plied with a strand in the same colors but black then pink. I need to dye more pink paca.

Hopefully I will have some finished skeins to show off for next week. Check out Andrea's blog for some really amazing fiberistas! Happy FAF!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Fiber Arts Tour De Fleece

I confess that I have not spent too much time this week spinning. It has been so hot and miserable for my animals. I have been running down to the barn multiple times a day checking on them to make sure that they have water, spraying them off and adjusting the fans. I managed to sneak away yesterday and I attended the Ag Expo in Lansing. I had a great time and learned a lot! My little Kubota tractor is a toy compared to the huge ones that were on display!
Anyway back to at the beginning of TdF I showed a picture of silver gray alpaca over dyed in purple. I have been spinning it and planned on adding crystal beads. It is taking me forever to finish as I have to dye and card the batts as I spin along. I am finally on my second bobbin and spinning in the beads.
I am excited to see how this will be plied.

One of the techniques I have been working on during TdF is plying. I was rummaging around my fiber stash and found many small balls of yarn that I have spun and did not yet have a use. I decided to ply them all together.
Overall I like the effect. Not sure about the pink/black section. I may end up taking that part out. Well off to take advantage of the rain and spin! Take a tour of more Fiber Arts happenings at Andrea's Blog.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tour de Fleece Day 8, 7 , 6, 5

Welcome to Friday Fiber Arts and Tour de Fleece. We have all been spinning a lot this week. Check out Andrea's Blog for more Tour De Fleece updates and to see what is happening on FAF.

I am really mixed up on which day we are on in our TDF and therefore will just post what I did this week. I had a lot of fun experimenting and testing out some new skills.

I finished plying 4th of July Alpaca Style. I need to find the right pattern for this one.

I spun up this whacky and fun yarn using thick n thin. The pink strand is merino and the white is alpaca from my girl White Lace. The nude babies, pacifiers and safety pins are obviously about a baby hence the name of this skein "It's A Girl." I wanted a structurally sound yarn. I used some beading thread to secure the babies onto the yarn. I followed Dutch Hollow's advice for stringing glass beads onto a skein. I, of course, took liberties with the word "bead."

And finally I used a technique I read about in Spin Control. I used two roving processed identically. One was a natural silver gray from my alpacas Nightengale & Tula and the other was a fawn roving from Quito. I over dyed it in Flame Red from Greener Shades Dyes. I took both rovings and lightly pre drafted them. I spin them simultaneously to create one medium thick strand of yarn. This skein is 100% alpaca and so soft. I let the fiber meander as it pleased while spinning and it created a lovely yarn. I am not sure how much is on the bobbin. I have yet to remove it onto the skein winder.

I didn't get much spinning done yesterday or today as I was getting my beloved Tractor fixed and repairing the chick coop. Hopefully tomorrow. I have the plans for an Indian inspired yarn. Off to dye up some yarn. Have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Fiber Arts Tour De Fleece Day 5, 6

Welcome to Friday Fiber Arts! Hope you are are having a great day. Check out Andrea's Blog for more Tour De Fleece updates.

Here is my update for TDF Day 5:

Still working on the purple alpaca. It is taking me longer than I thought. I ran out of fiber and needed to dye more.

On left is the purple and on the right is the original alpaca color. I have already washed this fleece and just have to dye it. It takes a couple of days to dry so I am getting behind on my spinning. I still need to ply my 4th of July skein. I cannot decide what to ply it with. I might ply it with a strand of red merino (still needs to spun) and a strand of gold thread. Any thoughts?
I am thinking of another skein to start. It might include small babies. HeHe. I know THAT has got you wondering!

Day 6
I spent most of the day in my barn fixing things. However I did take photos from my garden for color inspiration.

I can see many wonderful color combos from my flowers. We will see what I already have dyed up and ready to go. Have a great Fiber Day! Keep on Spinning.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tour De Fleece Day 4, 3 , 2, 1

Day 4
This is purple not brown. I over dyed silver gray fleece with a shade of purple. I have spun about 2 oz so far. I kept leaning back in my chair and falling asleep! No kidding. I finally gave up and crashed on the couch for a nap. I finished my batts this evening. This one is going to take a me awhile. I am dyeing more locks tomorrow. I might need quite a few. I think I might actually 3 ply this one. We will see. I am also debating about adding a string of silver thread. I think this will help me with Control (Not the Big Brother kind). I am practicing this technique among others.

Day 3

O.k. I didn't really do much on day 3.

Day 2

My dyed and hand carded batt "4th of July Alpaca Style." Single ply so far. Might actually ply this with a strand of red merino. Not sure yet. I may just leave it. It is drying now after I set the twist. Not very much on the bobbin. I carded 3 ounces but spun a thick n thin single. The yarn also has angelina, silk noil, banana silk...all my favs.

Day 1
Had one strand of alpaca, Nightengale, and wool dyed blue so I plied it with a strand of cotton and added beehives. It is hard to see the beehives in the finished skein as the strand of cotton has a lot going on. Total yards: @ 266. I named it after my Grandma's hand woven rug she had in her house.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fiber Arts Friday-Learning A New Spinning Techinque

Welcome to Fiber Arts Friday! A great day to check out what fiber happenings are out there. Check out Wonder Why Gal to more interesting blogs.

I decided to practice a bit before Tour De Fleece. I dyed up a white alpaca roving in greens and yellow. I carded them with bits of silk noil, banana silk, and bits of wool. I only added a bit of angelina! Using my fav book "Intertwined" by Lexi Boeger, I worked on thick n thin single ply.

I found this great stash at Salvation Army a while back and used a pink wool, very thin, strand to ply freely onto my single. I still wasn't sure that it was strong enough. So I decided to full it. Using one hot soapy tub of water and one cold tub of water I dunked the skein in the tubs alternating hot/cold about 4 times. I might have fulled the skein a bit too much. I notice in a few places the strands were stuck together a bit. But I felt much more comfortable that my yarn is stronger in the thick areas. The thick n thin technique is one that I really want to work on in Tour De Fleece. I like the contrasting colors of this skein and love the way the pink wool strand stands out. It compliments the fiber and I don't think it over powers the pretty greens and yellows.