Monday, March 3, 2014

Chicken First Aid

What to do when your chicken has had a mishap and her toe is bleeding....

I found my Phoenix yesterday minus one claw and bleeding. I put some straw in a cat carrier and brought her up to the mudroom. There I administered first aid.
Here she is waiting patiently for me to gather my supplies.

 I gathered up my supplies. For a toe injury I needed cotton balls, iodine, blood stop powder, a bit of liquid B12, and wound tape. Not shown in this photo is a bit of tuna for her after I bandaged her up!

Her middle claw is missing.
 First I gently cleaned the toe with warm water. Then I put some iodine on a cotton ball and cleaned the wound. Thankfully she was not bleeding so I did not need the blood stop. It is good to keep a jar on hand just in case. I put some iodine on a clean cotton ball and placed it on her toe. I then wrapped the tape around her toe and up her leg making sure that her other toes could bend and move about.
All wrapped up and clean.
She was such a good patient. I put her back in her crate and gave her a small amount of vitamin B12 mixed in with some canned tuna as a treat. She will be back with her mates in a few days.