Friday, February 23, 2018

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Bags full of roving

When I ship my fleeces off to be processed every year I wait anxiously to see the end result. Every time it is a bit different and the excitement of opening the boxes is thrilling. This year I had all my fiber made into roving. I have a ton of it. Beautiful, luxurious and soft alpaca roving. I also had a 50/50 mix of cormo/merino and alpaca. The result is a beautiful chocolate brown.
True Black gifted from my alpaca Yana

White shorn from a dad and daughter team, Royal Charger and Royal Rosa

Bay Black roving grown by Floral Fiesta

Light Silver Gray shorn off of Monet

Beige roving courtesy of Whiskey Bandit

Dark Silver Gray roving grown by Kesara

Cormo/Merino and Alpaca Roving donated by Henry and Pop Tart.