Monday, July 1, 2013

Bees, Alpacas, Chester and Tractors

Wow! It has been a long time since I updated my blog. It has been crazy around here!!! 
 I finally got my bees~all 5,000! Miriam and I set up the beehive and we cleaned up the area around the hive. We planted wild flowers with the hopes that the bees will have plenty of nectar right near their home. It has been very enjoyable to watch them  gathering nectar and then returning to their hive to feed the wee ones.
I got the bees!!

The alpacas are all shorn and I have tons of fiber to skirt/sort/grade. They are much cooler without all their fiber, but they still enjoy being rinsed off when the humidity is high. 

A Royal Charger cooling off. Quito waiting patiently for his turn.

Chester followed me up to the farm store and decided to rest on some yarn. He kept trying to tuck his head into the box and curl up but he is just too big. Poor guy.
Cute Chester

Finally we got a new toy-A Kubota L3200 to drag the brush hog around and clean up fence lines and other undesirable messes. It drives like a tractor. I use my Kubota BX to turn manure, mow the pastures and clean up leaves in the fall. It is smaller and has a really nice handle to it. (Was that an alpaca fiber term??) Anyway here is our new tractor. I am loving it!
Love orange!

That about wraps up the news around the farm. We have the Ada Parade coming up on Thursday for the 4th. I'll be taking some alpacas to the parade. That should be interesting!