Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Little Bit About Extracting Honey

Very quick and basic idea of extracting honey---

Pull your frames from the hive, place them in the extractor (I am using a hand cranked version) and crank. I check the frames every 3 or 4 minutes. If the frames are properly prepared and the day is hot enough the honey should flow quickly. I look at the weather for the week and choose a hot day (high 80s F to 90s F)  that will help the honey flow from the frames to the bottom of the extractor.

The above photo shows two frames in the extractor. I have used a bread knife to uncap the cells so the honey can flow out as I crank away. 

Here is one of the frames that is partially finished in the extractor. All of my bee keeping tools are packed and I wasn't able to properly uncap the cells very well. Some people use a heated knife. I prefer a regular ole bread knife from my kitchen. It works sufficiently.

This is a very teeny tiny video on honey extraction.

I will be posting more videos on beekeeping and honey extracting which are more detailed and organized. :)