Friday, January 30, 2015

The Michigan Fiber Industry Coalition Co-op

Brand new and almost up and running -The Michigan Fiber Industry Coalition Co-op. 

In a nutshell,  the Michigan Fiber Industry Coalition Coalition Cooperative is a co-op designed for farmers and fiber enthusiasts alike. Farmers will receive fair market payment for their raw fiber. Plus get membership benefits such as a discount on Michigan grown yarn. Yarn will be made from the collected fiber. Fiber enthusiasts can join the MIFICC CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)  to purchase yarn shares from pure Michigan fiber!

The MIFICC began in 2011 when a group of fiber growers contacted the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) for assistance in becoming a cooperative. MDARD connected them to Michigan State University's Product Center. The Michigan yarn and fiber mills joined the team and voila, three years later, with lots of meetings, brainstorming and groundwork, the Michigan Fiber Industry Coalition Co-op is official!

Owned by fiber farmers, and designed to benefit fiber farmers, MIFICC promotes the growing and production of fine fiber animals. We invest in the processing, and you receive value added products. It will be a sustainable plan that keeps local farmers growing and selling their angora, alpaca, bison, camel, cashmere, llama, mohair, wool and yak fibers in Michigan.

The MIFICC CSA supports our local fine fiber farmers by offering for purchase skeins of yarn in packages of 10-a total of 1000 yards of Michigan grown and processed fiber.

If you are interested in the Farmer's Co-op or the CSA you may contact one of the following persons on our board to find out more information:

Tamara Miller 616-460-9876
Bridget Patrick 517-927-9368
Sheila Miller 517-645-2719

Check out our latest news story in the Rapid Growth Media MIFIC.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Via Verde Website is under construction!

My website is down for a bit so that I can add a shopping cart and store for the farm.We will be up and running in a few weeks. I will have new items available and some very pretty yarn from my alpacas.

Meanwhile we are enjoying the snow here on the farm!