Sunday, March 25, 2012

Willy & Sienna on the Lunge Line

Taima was home from school this weekend and decided to see if she could get the minis to trot/canter on the lunge line. I have tried several times and am greeted with soulful eyes and complete rejection! They just stand and look and me and won't budge.

She has quite a bit of horse experience and was able to get them to go forward. She didn't work them too hard. They both are fat and out of shape. She lunged them for about 5 minutes a piece.
Lunging is the first step in the process of training to pull a cart.

Sienna working.

Getting Willy started.

Someone is nudging my leg for a head scratch.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My 200th Post & A Relaxing Nature Walk

I just realized as I was ready to post this blog that this is my 200th!!

Today was a wonderfully sunny and warm day. I spent part of it at the horse barn for my riding lesson and part in my own barn with all my animals. I am scrambling around trying to get some things cleaned up before the end of the week and the temperature drops again. Boo.

I took a short break to walk on the path that runs through our property. I had a few companions along the way.
The trail full of dead branches and needs to be cleaned up. But not today!! It was lovely to see the sun shine through the trees.

Alice and Chester followed me. Not seen in the photo are Jane and Philipe who ran to catch up with us.

A small creek meanders through the property. The cats and I walked across the big fallen tree.

Finally we spied a male deer skull and a few bones strewn about.

We headed back to the barn to finish working. The cats flopped on the barn floor exhausted and I got to keep on task!!