Monday, April 25, 2011

Fiber Market Monday-Angelina

Angelina is a wonderful additive to any batt, roving or skein of yarn. It sparkles and glimmers and gives fiber a kick of something special. There are 8 different color choices at my Etsy store.
Check it out and add some bling to your day.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Fiber Arts & Farm Friend Friday-Lots of fiber & Getting Garden Ready

What a week! I washed, washed fiber and more fiber. My friend, Curly Twirly Bird graciously had me over to use her Pat Green Picker. What a honey that machine is! It looks like a medieval torture chamber but with careful attention you can pick a whole lot of fiber in a short time. It is fabulous. I finished quite a bit of fleeces. I am going to spin some of it straight from the cloud while the rest will be carded into alpaca pouffes.

Update on my horrible barn stall. It took me one week to finish cleaning it. Unfortunately I have a couple of things that just couldn't fit in and need a place elsewhere in the barn. My gut tells me to get rid of them. I know how that goes. The minute I send them off I will be searching everywhere for them because I suddenly am in need of them. Maybe I will shove them in the hay loft.

Meanwhile Sam and Noah put these concrete blocks to make raised beds in the garden. I brought over some compost from the monster pile and mixed it in with the soil already in the bed. The whole garden turned out nicely. I just need to add my plants which are on order from Seeds of Change. TOC offers a package of 6 seedlings of your choice. I purchased 12 plants- tomatoes, peppers and squash. From experience one zucchini plant is more than enough. We were a bit sick of eating fried, pickled and baked zucchini!

Now why don't you check out Wonder Why Gal and Verde Farm for more Fiber Arts and Farm Friends?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fiber Wordless Wednesday-ARI Photo Contest

A photo of Isabella. This won first place in the Alpaca Registry competition last week. It will be featured on the cover of the ARI annual report. It also happens to be my avatar.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dinner on an Open Fiber..oops Fire.

Sam getting the fire ready.

I just did not feel like cleaning the kitchen and thought we could use a change for dinner. I took some halibut filets and made a slit in the side. I stuffed each one with a lemon slice, cumin, coriander, chopped green onions, olive oil and parsley. I wrapped each filet in grapes leaves. I couldn't quite get the grapes leaves to wrap all the way around the filets so I used aluminum foil to enclose the fish. Then I opened the fridge and searched for some vegetables to cook as well. I had 3 packets of mushrooms tossed in soy sauce and oil. 2 packets of sliced potatoes and 2 packets of green beans tossed in olive oil, salt and a squeeze of lemon. Sam had started up the fire and then he cook up our meal. I made a green salad to accompany all this delicious food. It was very good. The fish had a smokey flavor, light yet not overpowering. I had soaked the grape leaves for 20 minutes in cold water before I wrapped the fish up. This took the bitterness out of the leaves and left a wonderful flavor which imparted in the fish. Next time I might add a bit more lemon and pepper. I highly suggest this meal if you just don't feel like slaving away in the kitchen or you want a change for dinner. The bonus was that the kids thought it was great!
Fire nearly ready.
The food is almost done.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Fiber Arts & Farm Friend Friday Phat Batt and Chores

Fiber and chores fill most of my days. Not that doing anything related to fiber is a chore, mind you, it is quite the opposite. That said in order to have fiber from my alpacas I need to do stuff around the barn to ensure my babes are healthy, happy and fed. Chores seem to mount up quickly and on days when I have spent either running errands or running aimlessly around the house from room to room, I realize that my list in the barn is getting longer. This week I promised myself to cross out a few things. I sent out my Phatfiber samplers at the end of last week. April's theme is Butterflies and flutterbys. I chose the butterfly "lienix cinerascens."

And this is my interpretation of the butterfly in fiber form:
and packaging:

And for words needed.

Umm. Not finished with that one!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wordless Fiber Wednesday-Kahula Kid

Kahula Kid is one fine boy! (Just got back a fiber report)

He is cute to boot and rather full of vegetable matter. Sigh.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Fiber Arts & Farm Friend-2 weeks to finish a skein of yarn

Oh boy! This skein took forever for me to finish. I have a black and dark silver gray alpaca mix in roving which I really wanted to spin up to see how it looks in yarn. I started spinning it about 2 weeks ago and I finished Tuesday night. It sat unplied on the bobbins for 7 days and then plied on a bobbin for three days because I couldn't find my tape measurer to set my skein winder at a yard and half. Now it is finally finished!!

My wrislets got set to the drawer for this week. I just haven't had a moment to concentrate and knit so maybe by August I will be able to post a photo of completion.

As far as farm activities this week..well mostly my time has been occupied, not to bore you, by feeding goats and feeding animals and cleaning the barn. I did acquire two chicks from my daughter's friend who was asked to prom by a boy. Huh? Yes. It is true. He bought two Bantam chicks and put them in box with food and water. He wrote on the box that she, the girl, is the only chick he would want to go to prom with. So of course she said yes, accepted the chicks and then realized she couldn't have them at home. As we live on farm she thought we could take them. We lived up to the expectation and now they are in my basement under the heating lamp. I hope they both are hens. I already have a rooster and he is beastly. I cannot take my eyes off of him when I enter the chicken pen. He comes after me and one time even landed on my head and scratched my forehead. No permanent damage to me thankfully! So if by chance I have a rooster or two I might be having a free giveaway on Twitter....just in case anyone is interested.

Off to go feed goats. Enjoy Friday Fiber Arts and Farm Friend Friday!