Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chickens Galore!

The crows of several Silkie roosters are loud and clear as I head out the back door and trudge through the snow to the barn. Our, now 64, chickens and roosters are nestled in their new coop. We just finished building it in late January. I am glad it was done and ready to move the Silkies in because the following week the snow started. After the Silkies made their move to the coop, we ordered 38 more chicks and had them delivered in late January. I kept the babies in the garage with heaters until they could move to the coop. Now that they are 7 weeks old they are content in the coop. I have had a bit of pecking from the older Silkies, but overall everyone is getting along. My initial order included 15 rare breeds and 15 ornamental chicks. I am not even sure what I have now. I am still trying to identify some of them. I know I have some Polish, Silkies, Barred Rock, Black Australorpes and White Stars. I think I have Americaunas and some Buff Orpingtons. By May I should be able to identify all of them.