Thursday, September 14, 2017

Harvesting walnuts, grapes, veggies and pears.

 I have four walnut trees on the farm. I didn't get a large harvest this year, but I still had quite a bit of work to get this small grocery bag full. I pick them up everyday and then wash them with a brush and let them dry. Then I am able to crack them and freeze them for later use. I love the taste of black walnuts and they remind me of my grandma.

 I inherited a grape vine of Concord grapes. It is a beautiful trailing vine and just adds so much to the property. This is my first attempt at grape jelly made from the juice of the grapes. It is a tad sweet but oh, so delicious!
Lots of eggplant to be had this year as well as four different types of peppers. I harvest the herbs and dry them in my hydrator for use all winter. 

 Finally my pears. This is a Bartlett Pear tree which is over 100 years old. It only produced about 20 pears this year. I know it needs some pruning. I made 3 pints of pear butter. I changed the recipe a bit and added lemon and orange juice plus zest and a bit of thyme from the garden. I love the taste. It is so refreshing and yummy!