Saturday, July 25, 2009


It has been a while since I last wrote about the farm. All is well. Although one of our crias is sick. He has an eye infection and needs medication administered every two or so hours. I am more or less grounded at home. And it is not as if I don't have anything to do around the barn!! Overall the alpacas are doing well. Tomorrow is toenail clipping day. I need my nephew, Ismaiel, to be here. The alpacas stand very quiet when he holds them for vaccinations. It is amazing. He has a magical touch!
The other crias are healthy and happy. Goyo is the youngest of our herd. He is fawn in color and has white tipped ears and tail. He is a character. He bothers everyone. He playfully jumps on the other crias and hops around as if he is a rabbit! He pushes the mommies, feeds off of any available teat and prances around carelessly. He is adorable.

The goats are another source of laughter. Juliette hasn't really warmed up to me yet. She allows me to rub her neck but only when she wants. Ana Nana follows me everywhere. She helps me weed the garden by munching on the weeds. She sniffs the plants and determines which are the tastiest. She then helps herself! I discovered liquid deer fence is a good deterrent for hungry goats. I like my prize lily in bloom not chomped off at the root.
Juliette and Ana Nana often clomp up the stairs to hay loft and tear through the bales of hay. The noise of two goats clambering around upstairs is hilarious!
Of course the cats are not too sure about all the noise. They prefer a quiet and peaceful barn.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Life on the Farm is...And in no specific order.

For today Farm life is..
Having chester or tom tom cuddle on your lap and purr like a motor.
Finding the first green beans of the season in our garden!
Finish cleaning the stalls and sitting on the front porch with a glass of iced tea.
Watching Goyo harass the other crias by jumping on them and following them around.
Observing Quito nurse from every mother but his own!
Having Nana the goat follow me around everywhere!
Watching Willy/Romeo (mini) run and play in his paddock when he is turned out.
Having the vet vaccinate a rearing and kicking Sienna while I am attempting to hold on to her.
Hanging out with Noah and Miriam a bit.
Texting Taima who is at the horse show.
Falling asleep on the loft floor while three kittens climb all over me. (It was only a ten minute nap).
Hanging out the laundry on the line.
Repairing the cria creep with a staple gun.
Vaccumming the cobwebs in the barn, but not finishing the task...until tomorrow.
Moving two logs into the goat paddock so they can have something to climb on but then realizing they don't want to climb on logs.
Chasing Nana out of the front lawn.
Spraying the flowers with liquid deer fence that fortunately works for goats too!
Helping Miriam lunge and brush up the minis.
Trying to grain the goats and horses but wearing sandles (very stupid) and getting stepped on by the goat.
Watering the pasture.
Running a few errands.
Making some phone calls.
Playing with the rabbits.
Chasing chickens out of the barn.
Making dinner.
Writing the blog.
Wanting to sleep at 8 pm!
And finally looking forward to doing it all over again tomorrow!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A lesson Learned

One thing I have realized is that even though mini horses are cute, small and dog like when they want out of their stall or they are better move. Today we had our final delivery of Willy's companion, Sienna. She is the quintessential mini. She has a long mane and forelock accented by a light brown body. She has a delicate physique and is basically adorable. The goats and Willy were thrilled to see her.
Karen dropped her off this evening. As soon as the goats saw Karen they jumped out of the fencing and ran to her truck. They stuck to her until it was time to go into the house. Juliette would not go into the stall to eat unless Karen went with her. We finally managed to get the two minis and two goats into the stall by using grain to entice them. I was trying to climb over the goats to get out of door when Juliette escaped and then Nana. Karen grabbed Juliette and Nana. I was trying to keep Sienna in the stall and the goats were trying to get out again. I squatted down to push the goats back into the stall when Sienna had had enough of this silliness and ran straight over me. I toppled backwards and landed flat on my back and my sunglass flew across the floor. The black cats scattered from fear. Karen grabbed Sienna and managed to finally get everyone in the stall. Whew! I thought I could hold Sienna back with my arms. Ha! She was like a freight train. Lesson learned. Minis need to be treated just as we would Luke or Midge (our full sized horses).
I will post a photo of Sienna, Willy and the goats later.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Critters

The last few days have been hurly burly with the arrival of 3 new friends to the farm. Taima asked for a miniature horse that can pull a cart for her 16th birthday. We finally found a nice little boy in Allegan. His name is Willy and he is a paint. He is adorable and has a very perky personality! Taima, Miriam and Sam went to pick him up from his owner, Karen. We transported him via the van. Apparently that was quite the experience. He was a bit frightened and whinnied like a freight train. Everyone arrived safely and slightly hearing impaired home in the late evening. Willy adjusted quite well to his new surroundings. But he left his three friends behind. Karen dropped his two companion goats off a few days later. Juliette is a dwarf goat and Nana is 1/2 Nigerian and 1/2 pygmy. They are quite a pair. The goats follow Willy everywhere. Yesterday Taima put a harness on Willy and "drove" him around the barn. Juliette and Nana tagged along yaking the entire time.
Juliette is a bit cautious of us still, but Nana has come right around and made herself at home. Every time I pull out of the driveway she yells at me. She lets me know that she is staying behind and wants to come along. I think Juliette will settle and I am giving her room to do so. So far Nana has respected the fences and stayed within the borders. She does hop over the lower plank into the inner paddock where the grass is greener and fuller. Clever girl!
The rest of our crew is not so sure about the new additions. Willey stepped on Alice. She was already afraid of the horse and goats so I am sure that she will not be very friendly with them in the near future. The rest of the cats are giving Willy a wide berth. Our new friends will certainly be providing us with interesting stories. I am looking forward to tomorrow to see what antics will occur!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Back from Vacation

After a wonderful trip to Italy with Sam, I am trying to get motivated to return to hard work. The weather has been much cooler, in the upper 50's, with clouds and rain. It hasn't been too conducive for outdoor work. And it appears that 2 weeks off has totally eliminated my upper arm strength. I can hardly lift the 50 lb bags of feed! Really it is pathetic. The kids did a great job taking care of the animals and barn. I am just trying to catch up on the weeding and mulching. There hasn't been too many crazy antics from the animals but I am waiting. The week is not finished....