Tuesday, October 30, 2012

5 things to do to make farm chores more interesting.

1. Leave the gate unlatched so the goats get out and mess up the grain room and/or get bloat from ingesting too much grain. Then have get a workout while you massage their bellies and give them dawn liquid dish detergent.
2. Purchase a cunning male alpaca that manages to slip under the fence, break through to the girl's pen and breed with your maiden females!
3. Let the horses run into the barn vs. using a halter and lead rope when turning in at night only to have them refuse to come to their stalls while you run around and try to catch them. 4. Buy Silkies in order to get eggs, and don't. Plus realize later that they don't roost on their own. Trudge down to the barn in the dark for the 57th time that day to put the chicks away for the night.
5. Spend 3 days planning and preparing to trap feral cat to take to Carol's Ferals for spaying. Realizing later that she is the same one you took 3 weeks ago. If you don't have fun changing up your routine with these refreshing ideas...Then something is seriously wrong!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

May 7, 2012 Monday Sick today, again. Raining on and off. Slept most of the day and did not get anything done but the bare minimum. I did finish plying the black and yellow yarn and set it to soak for 15 minutes and then to dry. I like it! (on the left in the photo).
A note on the bunny: Mrs. Calliope Bunny has been running free around the barn most of the time now. I let her out of her stall (yes she has an entire 12 x 12 stall to herself) and she takes off out around the side of the barn and straight...to where?? Into a hole that one of the feral cats dug right into the last stall at the back of the barn! She hangs out digging holes in the sand. She has already dug into the goat stall. She will stay there for a bit and then sneak out through the hole back into the farm yard. At first I was really worried about her. But she stays up by the barn and all the cats including the ferals have sniffed her. And they seem to know that she is not food. In the evening she comes into her pen by herself. She is so happy. If I am going to be away from the barn I will put her in her stall, but if I am down there working I leave her to run free. May 8, 2012 Tuesday In bed again in the afternoon. I did, however, have a bit of energy and managed to clean up around the house. I fed the animals. Jane has been especially friendly. trying to spend a bit of time with her. Oh, she is a cat, by the way.
Around 4 pm I mowed the girl’s paddock. It took about 45 minutes. I love to drive my Kubota!! I decided to mow the path as well and by the pond. I didn’t feel like going back up through the barn gates so I tried to get out of the small gate on the side of the paddock. The post and the gate have settled into the ground and moved farther apart so there is a gap. I solved this by using a clip to keep the gate latched. I am sure that can be fixed. But I digress... I was determined to get out through this gate. I didn’t have a lot of energy due to the stupid flu so I just couldn’t use my arms to squeeze the post and the gate toward one another at the same time and unlatch the clip holding them together. So I did actually use my leg and wrap it around the post and pull it toward the gate and opened the clip. I cannot believe that worked but it did! Really am appreciating the leg muscle I am building up from my horse lessons. I know this sounds so weird. But where there is a will...there is a way!! Then I was able to unlatch the clip and let the tractor out!
Finished the mowing and went to sit down. Really tired! Topped off the evening at Noah’s band concert and then home at 9:30 and straight to bed.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More from May 2012...

May 4, 2012 Most of the day was spent preparing the house and running errands for the fundraising event for Syria on Saturday. I fed and watered and swept the barn. Mohja Kahf, the guest speaker, arrived in the evening after her flight was delayed. We had several families for dinner and stayed up late speaking of the condition of the Syrian Revolution. I should mention that my husband is from Syria and immigrated 21 years ago. He still has family living there so this catastrophe is near and dear to our hearts. May 5, 2012 Fed and cleaned the barn. Mojha’s son Kinan helped me to hay the animals. We ate a traditional Syrian breakfast. And hung out. She prepared her speech and I got to spin my “bee” yarn and we waited until 4:00 and we fed the animals again and watered quickly. I shut up the barn early so we would not be late to the lecture. The lecture was awesome!! Stayed up late and talked more about Syria. Rained again at feeding time. Mohja got to feed the animals and she was thrilled!
May 6, 2012 Sunday Rain off and on, but light. Not feeling well today. Must be getting the flu. Fed and watered the animals and did not spend more time down in the barn today. Too tired. Mohja and kinan left around 12:30 pm. I did get to spin and finished the bobbin and began to ply the yarn. Chester sat on my lap and I got to relax with him a bit.I love my kittens! Must have cleaned the kitchen at least 10x today! The kids a had a bunch of friends over. Finally finished off the day with writing the draft of minutes for MI-Alpaca and fixed last month’s minutes. Wondering how everyone did at the show in Davisburg!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Another day on the farm.

And continuing in May..The Job Fair May 3, 2012
The Job Fair at Eastern Middle School was today and I needed to be at the school ready to go by 7:15 am. Ha ha. Unfortunately I was too tired to take the fences up to the school to set up the pen yesterday. Although I woke at 5 AM fed animals I still was running late. I had to drop off Noah at 6:30 for jazz band so we could have the extra car. It was about 6:40 AM when I got back to the house and pulled the truck into the barn to load the girls. I picked Esmerelda for her easy temperment. She wasn’t too sure about getting into the backseat of a Honda Ridgeline truck but she did so with a bit of pushing and lifting. Taima and I thought to take Adele but she totally wigged out on the halter and we decided to convince Isabella instead. Yohoo we were in for a trip!! She refused to get into the car and we had to literally lift and push her. After a bit of coaxing we got her in. She cushed and away we went. When we got to the school we were, of course, running late and the busses were arriving. Esme happily jumped out of the truck and went to stand on the grass with Miriam. Isabella would not get out. We had to encourage her and then finally lift her out. Once on the ground she walked more or less to the doors but then had to be pulled/pushed inside. She was not a happy camper. She cushed right outside the fences and would not move. We had to move the fence panels around HER!! Getting back to the truck to head home was much more of the same. Noah held the lead rope while Taima and I carried Isabella out to the truck! People took photos of us the whole time. Apart from the fiasco of getting alpacas in and out of the truck the job fair went really well. I had four sessions and discussed alpaca farming. I broke out after 15 minutes and let the kids look at the alpacas. And they were the stars! The girls did really well with all the attention and I was proud of them. It was really chaotic because Northern and Eastern high school switched seniors for the senior prank and there were tons of kids. I settled the girls in their paddock. They were relieved and happy to be home. Then it was time for me to run errands and do some lawn work. Later in the day I vaccinated the girls and closed up shop for the day. What a fun and exhausting day.