Friday, June 16, 2017

Summer Dyeing Project

Summer is my favorite season to dye fiber. Everything
can be done down in the barn. From skirting to
washing to
soaking to dyeing. It is always fun to experiment
and see what colors end up taking on the fiber. I
like the surprise at the end. The unexpected saturation
of color or the melting of two shades together. I never
try to replicate my dyeing.  I prefer the
surprise of the end product.

Dyeing aside, I have so many fleeces to skirt. I have
kept over from last year. I keep
plugging away on them. Hopefully, I will be done soon
so I can send them out to be processed into
roving.  I like to be done skirting before
it gets too hot. It is miserable handling fiber while
sweating with all the dust and dirt that
blows up from the fiber. Ugh.

But once skirting is done the fun can begin! It is so worth
the work.

Raw Locks Unwashed

Pre-soak before dyeing
Pan dyeing locks

Dyed locks

Hand painted yarn